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Snow Skiing at Gulmarg

Snow Skiing at Gulmarg

snowskiSkiing in Gulmarg - a wonderful combination of incredible powder skiing one of the world greatest adventure skiing experiences! Gulmarg is situated in the northern Kashmir at the western extremity of the Himalayas in a subsidiary range called the Pir Panjals. It is 52 Kmts from Srinagar, the state capital. Due to its geographic location Gulmarg gets some of the heaviest snowfalls in the Himalayas and it hasearned the distinction of being the best ski resort in the Himalayas.Skiing was first introduced to Gulmarg by two British Army officers who established the first ski club in 1927.

The Gulmarg itself sits in gently undulating meadows high above the Kashmiri plateau at about 2,730m.

Skiing had become very popular during the pre-independence years and Gulmarg used to host two main events, one each during Christmas and Easter. In 1938-39, about 500 skiers are reported to have participated in the Christmas and Easter ski races.

Someof the best slopes in the country for beginners and intermediate skiers are available at Gulmarg. Skiing equipment is available on hire fromthe Ski-Shop. In winter Gulmarg's natural slopes and inclines turn into the country's premier skiing resort. Not all tourists who visit in winter come for skiing - some simply are there to watch the skiing or to enjoy a holiday in the snow. Many of these are infected with the excitement of the skiers, and have donned their first pair of skies within a short while of their arrival.

Among the multitudes of slopes, there are a few which are serviced by ski lifts. Most of the skiing becomes centred on these slopes, which are specially suited to beginners and intermediate level skiers, with ski runs ranging from 200m to 3kms, instructors are available for both levels.

As in the summer, when each individual sets his own pace for a holiday, so alsoin winter, skiing can be as adventurous as the holiday maker can want.There are a number of slopes, not serviced by ski lifts, of varying lengths and gradients.

Each of these is quieter than the immensely popular ones with ski lifts. Advanced skiers often trek in the snow for several hours to the very top of Apharwat peak, to make adescent lasting no more than 30 minutes. And now, with the operation ofthe Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car, it has become all the more convenient for skiing enthusiasts, as they can gain a ski run of nearly 3 kms with the help of this cable car which goes up to Kongdori.


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